The Sea Ox Cave

The Sea Ox Cave

The name Bue Marino (sea ox) derives from the Sardinian name of the monk seal, which, in the past,found refuge ..

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Cala MarioluSunrise at Cala Mariolu

The bay with its white pebbles and the emerald green sea water appears especially beautiful in the morning, when it is bathed in the light of the rising sun.

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Villaggio nuragico

The nuragic village Tiscali

The nuragic village is built inside a huge dolina on top of Monte Tiscali, surrounded by a unique natural ...

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Cala LunaA hiking trip to Cala Luna

Two hours hiking on a trail with breathtaking viewsto one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.Cala Luna seems to be created for a movie ....

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Aquarium of Cala Gonone

Visit the Aquarium of Cala Gonone

Open every day.

acquario calagonone

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Villa Patteri

Special Promotion

Special promotion houses for rent.

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  • Sea Ox Cave
    Sea Ox Cave You can explore the underwater length of the Sea Ox Cave for the first 100/150 metres and you have the possibility of swimming among stalactites and stalagmites and discovering the…
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  • Cala Biriola
    Cala Biriola Not far from Cala Sisine appears Cala Biriola with its distinctive natural rock arch. This earthly paradise is situated under a dense wood which hides the charcoal burners’ old paths…
    in Beaches Read 8174 times
  • Ispingoli Cave
    Ispingoli Cave The cave is dominated by an enormous 38 metres high stalagmitic column. It is rich in particularities such as the Virgins’ Abyss and a Phoenician sacrifice well.
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  • Fauna of the Supramonte
    Fauna of the Supramonte In Sardinia, the Supramonte is the habitat of rare species like the mufflon, the marten, the Sardinian garden dormouse. After their disappearance in nature, Sardinian deers and fallow deers have…
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  • “The Cathedral” Cave
    “The Cathedral” Cave A cave under a very high cliff which is covered with corals and yellow and red sponges
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