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Giants' Tombs

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According to a legend, beings with superhuman powers (giants) have erected the Giants’ Tombs. Along the country road from Dorgali to Lula – after the turning for Orosei – remains this very interesting and well preserved tomb of Sardinia’s prehistory. Here we can find a sepulchral room that has still got its original flat covering slab like many dolmens.

The Giants’ Tombs, the characteristic burial mounds of the nuraghic civilization, were collective graves which could contain a huge number of sepultures.

The Giants’Tomb of S’Ena e Thomes

The Giants’ Tomb of S'Ena e Thomes is a dolmen-like grave from the Bronze Age. It is in very good condition; in fact, nearly the whole burial gallery is well-preserved. It is covered with a jack arch, that means its cover is composed of stone slabs that are placed horizontally above the walls of the gallery. The large stele is a centring monolith with a small doorway cut through it that leads to the burial chamber. The exedra still presents some driven in stones like in the original.

The Giants’Tomb of Biristeddi

This Giants’ Tomb displays a particularly accurate constructional engineering. In fact, it is built of perfectly rectangular blocks of trachyte. Unfortunately, today it isn’t well-preserved any more. The sidewalls of the burial chamber are made a chamfered stone blocks. Some of the blocks of the exedra are still in their original position; there is a trachyte block with a denticulated frieze which probably stood at the entrance of the grave.

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