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Cala Mariolu

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The colours of the sea and the transparency of the waters are unique in the Gulf; it’s a shade of azure that makes you think of a swimming-pool. The sand of the beach is fine and white.

The beauty of this stretch of sand is on par with the splendid Cala Luna Beach. The colours of the sea and the clearness of the water are without equal in the Gulf; a shade of blue that reminds you of the colours of a swimming-pool. The name of the beach is linked to the monk seal, the friendly mammal which preyed on the fish traps of the Ponzese fishermen, who later rebaptised the rock where the animal used to sunbath “Mariolu”. But Sardinians call it “Ispuligidinie” because of the snowflake shape of the white pebbles that make up the beach.

This creek is completely surrounded by greenery; it’s the typical, dense, fragrant, and very green Mediterranean shrub. On the high dominating rocks, various species of sea birds nest, among them sea gulls, peregrine falcons, golden eagles, Bonelli’s eagles, Eleonara’s falcons, and even some specimen of white-backed vultures.

The water is crystal clear and the sea bottom is of a very light green colour. The sand is very fine and white.

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  • latitude: 40.124127
  • longitude: 9.67594
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