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At Cala Gonone numerous sports can be practised, with new, modern facilities, submerged in the surrounding greenery.

This is a real paradise for lovers of more extreme sports, such as free mountain climbing and bungee jumping. The area has, in fact, been inundated by climbing enthusiasts, who skilfully scale the countless nailed routes and sheer summits. The climate, mild and temperate, ensures that climbing can take place most of the year.

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Cala Gonone – Scenic road

Turn into the street that leads from the rear of the campsite of Cala Gonone to the mountain pass of Littu and the Beach of Cartoe. Then turn off and take the gravel path that leads along the mountainside.

Extraordinary panoramas of the gulf and the northern beaches: Cartoe and Osalla.

Length: 9 kilometres

Difficulty: easy – the first kilometre and some short gradients are rather demanding

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Cala Gonone - Cartoe Beach - Thermae - Caves

This circular path starts from Cala Gonone and leads back there via Dorgali: the road that starts from the rear of the campsite climbs up the mountain ascending steeply. When you reach the mountain pass, follow the signpost on the right to the beaches of Cartoe. After a visit to the sandy beach, go back and turn right into an asphalt road. Along the way you will get to the hot springs, the church of San Giovanni (St. John) and the Grotta di San Giovanni (St.John’s Cave) and finally the Grotta di Ispinigoli (Cave of Ispinigoli).

After a visit to the cave, return to Dorgali driving along the national road SS125. The rural church of “Su babbu mannu” and the dolmen Montorra a little further on are on your way.

Leaving Dorgali take the ring road and then turn into the diversion that leads towards Cartoe. After having passed the holm oak wood, turn right into the road that leads to Cala Gonone via the mountain pass of Littu.

Length : 34 kilometres

Type: asphalt

Difficulty: demanding

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Cala Gonone - Gola di Gorroppu

An about 40 kilometres long route that starts from Cala Gonone and initially leads to the tunnel to Dorgali. At the stop sign take the national road SS 125 southwards towards the Oddoene Valley. When you arrive at the little bridge over the mountain torrent of S’Abba Arva, take the diversion on the left that leads to the entrance of the canyon.


When you return to the bikes, take the single-track path that leads to the asphalt road. In springtime you cycle amidst a thick vegetation. Not for nothing, this is the area of the vineyards of the famous Cannonau di Dorgali.

Now turn round and go back the same way. There are some alternative routes along the way there and back.

Length: about 40 kilometres

Type: gravel path

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Cala Gonone - Cala Luna

Scenic paths lead down a descent of moderate difficulty from the Supramonte to Cala Luna. Along the route you can meet all kinds of animals.

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A temple dedicated to nature lovers

The Supramonte (Supramònte in the Sardinian language) is a chain of mountains and plateaus of carbonate rock (limestone and dolostone of the Mesozoic Era) that is situated in the north-west of the Gulf of Orosei. It is divided in two parts by the national road SS125, Orientale Sarda, which forms the ideal border between the Supramonte Montano (mountainside) and Supramonte Marino (seaside) .

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