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Sea Ox Cave

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You can explore the underwater length of the Sea Ox Cave for the first 100/150 metres and you have the possibility of swimming among stalactites and stalagmites and discovering the fossilized oysters that cover the walls.

Average depth: 3 metres

Maximum depth you can reach: 8 metres

Difficulty level: high (there are sediments on the sea bottom)

Distance from Cala Gonone: 3 miles

This is what you can see: classic potholing-diving tour, but for experienced divers only. The cave - which is partly unexplored even today - runs underwater for several kilometres but you can visit just the first 100/150 metres. Passing through a low siphon you can reach enormous halls. From their muddy bottom, stalactites and stalagmites rise up. Ancient colonies of fossilized oysters cover the walls. They serve as dens for the transparent shrimps that live in the darkness of the cave.

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Additional Info

  • latitude: 40.2472
  • longitude: 9.62378
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