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The Wild Blue Trail

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The “Selvaggio Blu” (Wild Blue) is a long, 7-day trekking tour along the Gulf of Orosei, on the East Coast of Sardinia.

As it is rather demanding and a physical challenge, the route has become almost legendary for excursionists. In fact, a lot of people consider it “the most difficult trek in Italy”.

This guide book describes a technical and demanding route that runs along the wild coast of the Orosei Gulf, from Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Gonone. Seven days in complete isolation in the Supramonte of Baunei and - to some extent - in the Supramonte of Dorgali will remain unforgettable for all the excursionists who venture to do it.

Some stretches provide short rope climbing stages (max. IV. difficulty level UIAA – International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation).

All the routes are described in detail and provided with:

A map of all the routes and most important toponyms

Total altitude difference

Average stretch length

Descending with climbing rope and difficulty of the climbing stages

Additional Info

  • Author: Corrado Conca
  • ISBN: 9788888776330
  • Cost: € 17,00
  • Size: 12,5 x 20 cm
  • Pages: 95
  • Editor: Segnavia Edizioni
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