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Ship wreck KT

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A dive accompanied by brown meagres, tunas and amberjacks to the wreck of the German cargo ship KT12, which can be visited inside and outside.

Average depth: 30 metres

Maximum depth you can reach: 32 metres

Difficulty level: medium ( under best weather conditions)

Distance from Cala Gonone: a sea voyage of 20 minutes ( 7 miles)

This is what you can see: 88 metres long, armed German cargo ship, torpedoed 1.2 miles off the coast of Orosei during World War II, in June 1943. It lies on the sea bottom in an upright position but with its prow ripped open. Its inside and outside can be visited acting with adequate caution. It is inhabited by local fish species and deep sea species (amberjacks and tunas).

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