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Trekking trail Cala Fuili - Cala Luna

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Breathtaking panoramas of enchanting beaches so very unique because of the contrast between the azure blue of the sea and the green of holm oaks and junipers.

The area is situated south of the village of Cala Gonone.

You can reach it by car, driving up to the end of the southern scenic road. It is easy to find as it is the only asphalt road that leads southward. You can park the car near the beach.

Description of the trekking trail

Main trail

A flight of steps made of cement and limestone boulders offers easy access to the beach; from the beach up to the dried up brook bed amidst the “macchia” of mastic trees; the path forks; taking the left-hand path you arrive at the beach, the right –hand path leads to the gorge; in front of you there is the signpost “Cala Luna” and “Grotte del Bue Marino”;

the path with steps made of limestone and trodden down soil climbs up to the signpost and the coloured triangles.

1° variant – the Left-hand itinerary leads to the caves; after a 30 minutes walk on a comfortable path, you arrive at a little valley which leads to the sea; behind a metal staircase there is the land entrance to the northern branch of the “Grotte del Bue Marino”, which you can visit by appointment.

The path that leads back to the main trail climbs up and follows the small valley up to its end; finally you cross the path that you have left before;

Beyond the signposts, the path climbs up for 10 minutes; the well-trodden trail leads across hard soil and detritus.

Proceed for 50 minutes until you reach a small valley where you can find the signpost of the second variant.

2° variant – Follow the dried up brook bed until you arrive at a wonderful little beach “Ziu Santoru”, the place where the monk seal used to sunbathe.

You get back taking the same path up to the main trail. There and back 30 minutes;

after a 40 minutes walk through a nearly sheer juniper forest, you reach the cave of “Oddoana”, which unfortunately has been disfigured by graffity and waste.

Steep descent to the underneath village, then 15 minutes to a bumpy plateau. Here, you can still see the devasting consequences of a forest fire in the sixties.

Get down the path for 30 minutes across a terrain which is no longer composed of limestone but of dark basalt rocks up to the valley bottom.

Cross the partly hidden watercourse on the left and you will arrive at a pub/restaurant and the beach.

You can get back taking the same path or by ferryboat (that takes you to the harbour of Cala Gonone).

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