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Cala Gonone - Cala Luna

Scenic paths lead down a descent of moderate difficulty from the Supramonte to Cala Luna. Along the route you can meet all kinds of animals.

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Cala Luna

Two climbing sectors interrupted by a marvellous beach. On the right, with one’s back to the sea, there is a rock of medium height with some small caves full of single-pitches, some of them soapy, often very difficult with prevalent overhangs. On the left there is a huge rock spur with some double-pitch. In total, there are about 30 routes with a difficulty level between 5c and 8b+.

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Cala Fuilli - Beach

Very good rock with overhangs in the sector of the stairs and vertical cliffs above the beach and near the cave on the right side of the beach. About 55 routes.

Locality: Cala Gonone

Access: Leave your car at the end of the road, climb down the flight of steps and go towards the sea. The sectors are on your left and on your right.

Description: Very good rock with overhangs in the sector of the stairs and vertical cliffs above the beach and near the cave on the right side of the beach.

Recommended season:Throught the whole year. It is recommended not to climb in summer as the beach is full of bathers.

Orientation – cardinal direction:The left sector is south-facing and the right sector is north-facing.

Height: From 15 to 30 metres.


Ropes: From 60 to 70 metres long

Pegging: The face has to be to re-equipped with inox expansion-type rock anchors resp. bolts, resin glued-in rock anchors and indestructible belay chains.

Number of routes: About 55.

The routes

La Donna Di Picche F7a+ ***
Jo Bobba F7b **
Joccala Sa Limba F6c **
Zingaro F7b **
Maiale Morto F7a **
Bigoscamorz F6c+ **
Captain Spruzzo F6a ***
Chentu Concas Chentu Berrittas F6a **
Iscoriati F6a+ ***
Il Maestro F6b+ **
La Sacra Scuola F7b **
Lampathu F7a+ ***
Soledad F7b **
Caro Freddy F7a+ **
Sorella Mia F6b
Papagallo Ripetente F6a+
Strega Nel Ventro F6a+ ***
Stressino F6b+ ***
Un Sorriso Tra Le Stelle F6c ***
Zwei Tetten F6c **
A Kent'annos F7c+
Lo Strappo F7b
Un Panino e Via F7c ***
Nonnorok F7c+ ***
Gran Bel Pasticco F7b+ ***
Gandhi F6c+ **
Manca L'Aria F7a+ **
Scrat F7a ***
Folletto Maledetto F7b+ **
I Due Cosmonauti F7c **
La Voce F7b+ **
Piangi e Ridi F7a+ ***
In Qualche Luogo Nel Tempo F6c+ ***
Brisky F7a
I'm So Glad F7b **
Il Lato Oscuro di Arcadio F6c+ ***
Mitica Mossa F6b+ **
Le Mele Di Chiara F6a **
M. Tossina F6a+ **
V. B. F7a ***
Akuna Matata F6c ***
Dos Matalas F6b+ ***
Chiamami Troglo F6b+ **
L'Italia Nel Pallone F7a+ **
Colpo Di Sole F7b ***
Jonny Gremino F6a **
Brod Oy F7a+ ***
Coccodrillo Drin Drin F5+ **
Capitan Mutanda F6a ***
Spassiari F7b+ ***
Beato Bottarga F6a+ **
Spalmabile Piccante F6b+ ***

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Shipwreck Cala Luna

At a depth of 33 metres at the helm of the “Nasello”, an Italian cargo ship, which was bombed in 1943.

The steam propulsion, the helm and a big bronze screw propeller are still intact.

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Escursioni Cala Gonone

Una vacanza per lasciarsi alle spalle, lo stress e la frenesia della vita quotidiana

Escursioni Cala Gonone nasce dall’amore per la nostra costa, ricca di bellissime calette accarezzate da un mare cristallino.

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