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A temple dedicated to nature lovers

The Supramonte (Supramònte in the Sardinian language) is a chain of mountains and plateaus of carbonate rock (limestone and dolostone of the Mesozoic Era) that is situated in the north-west of the Gulf of Orosei. It is divided in two parts by the national road SS125, Orientale Sarda, which forms the ideal border between the Supramonte Montano (mountainside) and Supramonte Marino (seaside) .

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Flora of Supramonte

In the Supramonte, holm oak forests - “nature’s sanctuaries”- prevail. In some areas, like the sound forest of Sas Baddes, unique in Italy, it is possible to find spontaneous tree species like holm oaks, yews, junipers and holly trees.

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Fauna of the Supramonte

In Sardinia, the Supramonte is the habitat of rare species like the mufflon, the marten, the Sardinian garden dormouse. After their disappearance in nature, Sardinian deers and fallow deers have been reintroduced. The birds’ fauna numbers nearly one-hundred nesting species (common buzzards, common kestrels, golden eagles, goshawks); amphibiens, reptiles and insects with the rare butterfly “Papilio hospiton”, invertebrates of the grottoes, and the monk seal. The Sea Ox Cave has been named after the seal, today however it can be observed less and less often.

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